The 6 Thinking Hats

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The big picture:

Edward de Bono in his book the “6 Thinking Hats” created this effective tool, which represents six ways of thinking about strategies or seeing things from 6 different perspectives. 6 Thinking Hats may be used to look at…

When to use it:

The model allows for various ways of thinking. Thus, it may be deployed to solve a problem using different approaches in order to develop a pragmatic solution. The model prompts a shift from the limited and a normal way of thinking to a more to separate thinking into six distinct categories creative and innovative thinking. It encourages the decisions and plans to have a…

How to Use the Tool:

The model can be used in order to improve on the quality of the decisions to be made for a start-up in a more productive manner. The model consists of six thinking hats and each hat refers to a different style of thinking. It can be used in a brainstorming session, meeting and or workshop for a start-up to...

The Hats Are As Follows